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From Connie Pittenger, UMW President:

I know that we ALL miss seeing each other and knowing how each other is doing. With the acceptance of the Montrose County variance from the Colorado Department of Health, it would be very tempting to organize a luncheon in the next couple of months.   However, we would have to be 6 feet apart from each other!!   That would make it very difficult to have a decent conversation, especially with everyone talking loudly to make sure they are heard 6 feet away.   So . . . we are just going to be patient and wait for a little while longer and have our luncheons and Circle meetings when we can be safe.

I am glad that a couple of the Circles are meeting via ZOOM and the computer. Other Circles are staying in touch via email and phone calls. Keeping that connection is very important.

I would like to give a special “THANK YOU” to Micki Kintner for organizing and delivering the goodies and special treats to each of the skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities.   The staff members of each of those facilities really appreciated our thoughtfulness.   Also “THANK YOU” to everyone who brought goodies and special treats for Micki to deliver.

We have one more opportunity to show our appreciation to staff members who may be underappreciated.

Mary West is coordinating an “Appreciation Day” for Community Options staff members on Thursday, June 4th.

“Community Options provides living support and meaningful work opportunities for people with developmental disabilities as well as therapies for early childhood clients also with disabilities or delays. They have a staff of about 200 serving over 400 clients in 5 counties. Most of their facilities have staff around the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Day programs usually are in groups but due to COVID they have staff taking work to the clients where they live. Staff has done an amazing job keeping all clients happy and healthy. It is difficult for all of us but especially for those who do not understand the change of their routine, social distance while having a need for close physical contact to accomplish personal care and skills of daily living tasks. 

 I will be taking treats and notes of appreciation to 12 facilities in Montrose, Delta, and Cedaredge. They will accept homemade treats that are individually wrapped - (think banana bread, muffins, brownies, cookies - - that are individually wrapped or sliced and in a ziploc bag) or store bought - similar to what we have been providing. If cash is easier for you, I can do the shopping and you can donate cash or check. Just mail to me at PO Box 623, Montrose, 81402.  I will be at the church, on South 1st Street, on Thursday, June 4, from 10:00-11:00 a.m. to collect anything you might like to donate. I will then organize it into bags or baskets to deliver. If anyone is interested in delivering, let me know. We are not allowed to enter any facility so will be leaving it at the porch and calling so they know it is there. If you would like to write a note of appreciation and encouragement, I will be sure the notes are divided between facilities.  

This organization is near and dear to my heart ❤️ . If you have any questions please give me a call ( 970 209 2080). . . . Mary West”


The Purpose of United Methodist Women: “The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is: To know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ. To develop acreative supportive fellowship and to expand concepts ofmission through participation in the global ministries of the church.”

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The Montrose Unit of UMW meets on the second Wednesday of each month for a luncheon and a meeting, with the exception of June, July, and August. The Unit also has five smaller circles that meet throughout the month.

  • Mary and Elizabeth: Meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month Co-Chairs: Cathee Nielsen and Micki Kinter
  • Mary Olive: Meets on the 4th Thursday at 9:00 a.m. Chair: Kathy Koeltzow
  • Hope: Meets on the 4th Thursday at 9:30 a.m. Co-Chairs: Joan Dunham and Mary Lou Jeffers
  • Faith: Meets on the 4th Thursday at 1:30 p.m. Co-Chairs: Bonnie Lamb and Sharon Hayes
  • NEW** Eve: Meets the fourth Friday time changes , please conctact the church office for more information!

President: Sally Burrichter

Reading Program at Montrose UMC

The Reading Program encourages us to think critically about current issues through an annual selection of member-reviewed books. It offers an excellent opportunity to deepen your spirituality and to broaden your understanding of our mission work. The books are displayed in our own bookshelf near the stairs by Baldridge Hall. We use a self-check-out system. Just write your name and the current date on the book’s card, and place it in the box provided. When you are finished with the book, please return it to the top shelf. The Secretary for Program Resources will see that the books are re-shelved and your reading records updated. For more information, contact Trish Gray at or 209-8852.


The Reading Program Leads to Action

For 140 years, members of United Methodist Women and predecessor organizations have been involved in mission that includes prayer, study and action. The Reading Program is a study opportunity, but it should also lead to action. Here are a few suggestions to assist you:

  • Pray. Books often raise concerns about people, countries and issues. Bring these concerns to God during your prayer time at home and at group meetings.
  • Host a program. At your circle, in other group settings, or at a church gathering, sponsor a program on the environment, jobs, school absenteeism or about something you have read.
  • Organize a ministry or project in support of a cause you have read about. You might organize a fundraising for mission potluck as a way to introduce others to the issue of hunger. To obtain resources for community organizing, email Carol Barton at


Traveling Plaques for Reading Awards may be awarded from the District to the small, medium, and large UMW Unit that has the highest percentage of participation based on membership. These awards are presented at the District Annual Meeting each year. Individual certificates are issued for women who complete any of the Four Reading Plans.

Four Reading Program Plans

If you are checking out, reading and returning the books, Trish Gray (Secretary of Reading Program) is keeping track of your reading on a spreadsheet, but please do keep your own record of the books you read as a back-up. In the summer, she will contact you for confirmation. The books are to be returned to the MIDDLE bookshelf. Youth and Children’s books count in Plans III and IV only.



⌂   Spiritual Growth (red dot on book)

⌂   Education for Mission (yellow dot)

⌂   Nurturing for Community (green dot)

⌂   Social Action (blue dot)

⌂   Leadership Development (purple dot)


Plan I - 5 books per year

o    1 from each category, which may include selections from the 2015-2020 Reading lists, if not previously reported

o    Regular reading of Response magazine

Plan II - 10 books per year

o    2 from each category, which may also include selections from the 2015-2020 Reading lists, if not previously reported

o    Regular reading of Response and New World Outlook magazines

Plan III - 15 books per year

o    2 from each category

o    PLUS 5 additional books from any category, including youth and children’s books

o    Books may include selections from the 2015-2020 Reading lists, if not previously reported

o    Regular reading of Response and New World Outlook magazines

Plan IV - 20 books per year

o    2 from each category

o    PLUS 10 additional books from any combination of categories, including youth and children’s books

o    Books may include selections from the 2015-2020 Reading lists, if not previously reported

Regular reading of Response and New World Outlook magazines

See the complete list HERE


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