Montrose United Methodist

Response to Corona Virus

Dear Church Family and Friends, 

At the recommendation of the Bishop Karen Oliveto, we will suspend our in-person worship beginning this Sunday, March 15th. This decision was made after much prayer, concern and consideration of the rapidly changing health situation in our country. 

Below are links to our online worship and online giving on our website. (You do not have to have a facebook account to watch!) For now, I need you to do three things: 

1. Call someone in the congregation you know does not receive/have an email address and let them know that worship has been postponed in person. Possibly ask to help them if they have a computer and you know how, to set up a bookmark with our online worship. 

Link to our facebook page (you don't have to have an account to watch!): WORSHIP AT 8:15 AM

Worship online via live stream at 8:15 or watch it later. Step by step instructions: 

1. Click the above link 

2. When you see our brick sign from outside, scroll your mouse down to see the live feed (or the video later) of worship. 

3. Make sure your computer volume is turned on and up.

4. You may also need to click on the video for it to begin playing. 

5. Hover over the screen and the buttons for volume and screen size will appear. You may need to turn the volume on the video on or up and enlarge the video if you'd like. 

If the video pauses or stops, you may try to refresh your page. 

(We are going old school and new school. OLD: call your circles, committees, friends. NEW: online worship) 

2. Grant those around you in stores, restaurants and out and about the community some grace, we are all operating under a little stress and under new circumstances. The peace of Christ is passed by our loving words and actions. 

3. Send your prayer requests to: or text them to 970-765-0557. Pray for those who are in need as well as make calls to people in our community you know are isolated and may need an extra hand because they can't get out and about. 

You are blessed to be a blessing my friends. More information in the days to come. 

Link to our online giving: ONLINE GIVING LINK 

You are all in my prayers. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. 

We love each one of you and want you all to be safe and well. Jesus knows our hearts and desires, and calls us to care for ourselves and one another. Be well my friends.

I look forward to being in your living rooms, in your kitchens and online with you tomorrow morning.


Pastor Lisa

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